Our Philosophy


Kiddywinks Child Care Centre is a place where children can come to have fun,play, explore, experience, experiment, investigate and be challenged in a safe and secure environment.

We believe that our children, our families, our educators, our learning environment and our community are essential in the provision of high quality care and education.




  • Children are recognised as individuals with unique ideas, interests and beliefs.
  • Children are supported to explore, investigate, create, play, follow and extend on their interests.
  • Children learn best through play and development is supported by providing experiences that are meaningful to children and reflect their interests.
  • Children will receive positive reinforcement and guidance to guide and manage behaviour.
  • Children will be provided with a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment.
  • Children will be encourage to respect and care for their belongings as well as those of their peers and the service.
  • All children will be given equal opportunities regardless of gender, culture, background or additional needs.
  • All children will be given the opportunity to develop positive relationships with peers and educators.
  • To achieve a sense of belonging by developing positive relationships with educators and the environment.




  • The role of parents and families as the child’s primary carer will be respected and supported.
  • We will support families by caring for the needs of their children by respecting their family values, philosophies and ensuring that their children are provided with non-biased views, language and care.
  • We will encourage good communication and positive relationships between staff and parents to ensure the best possible care for their children.
  • The service encourages feedback, suggestions and ideas about policies, procedures and children’s programs through newsletters, suggestion box, Family Books, communication books and verbal communication.
  • Families will be made to feel welcome at the service throughout the day




  • We believe it is important for young children to have continuity of staff. The service will encourage this by providing good working conditions and the opportunity for educators to engage in reflective practice, both individually and as a team.
  • Educators are recognised and respected as individuals who bring their unique skills, ideas and beliefs to the service and the programs.
  • They will be encouraged and supported through their professional and personal development.
  • Staff involvement in the development of the service and centre will be sought after, valued and incorporated into service delivery where possible.
  • Will use children’s portfolios and the Family Book to document and record children’s development throughout the semester using written observations, photos and work samples. These will be available to families at any time.
  • Will be employed under conditions in the Children’s Services Award and staffing ratios will be adhered to as per the Education and Care Services National Laws Act 2010 and the National Quality Framework.




We aim to make the centre a part of the larger community by

  • Working in partnership and networking with other agencies in order to support children, families and educators.
  • Taking an interest in other groups and community activities.
  • Inviting involvement in the service from other agencies and members of the community.
  • Promoting respect for all people by recognising and celebrating the similarities and differences, diverse background and abilities of everyone in our community particularly  Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders cultures.
  • Kiddywinks Child Care Centre is a place of inclusion, equity and diversity.




  • The environment will be welcoming and a place where children, educators and families will feel that they belong.
  • A place where educators and children can explore, investigate and play either alone or in a group.
  • Both indoor and outdoor environments are flexible and help support children’s interests, curiosity and creativity using a range of materials including natural and renewable resources as well as open ended and flexible resources.
  • Sustainable practices and understandings will be incorporated into the program and the service’s practices.
  • Indoor/outdoor areas are intentionally planned to facilitate children’s interests, development, small/large group play as well as solitary play.